1. Barbara Harman (dba Paperworks) will supply the group or contact-person with workshop descriptions, student supply lists (if any), setting requirements and biographical information.

2. All transportation costs (coach-class, non-refundable round-trip airfare or the equivalent) will be paid by the group. This includes cost of transporting tools and student materials to the workshop site and return of tools to Minneapolis after the workshop has ended

3. Transportation should be arranged so that instructor arrives in the afternoon prior to the first day of a workshop, with time allowed for set-up. Departure should be the morning following the last day of a workshop. Instructor must be delivered to the airport at least two hours prior to the departure flight.

4. The group will provide housing and meals for the instructor. Barbara is happy to accept overnight lodging in the home of a non-smoking workshop participant or contact-person

5. After arrangements have been made for a workshop date, site, time, etc., the group contact-person will provide the instructor with a letter of confirmation, restating the workshop topic, date, place, time, travel and housing arrangements, and any other information specific to the agreement

6. The instructional fee for one (1) day of teaching (usually 10-5 for two-day workshops), is $375 (U.S. funds).

7. Materials fees for individual workshops are due to the instructor on the first day of class. Because materials must be prepared in advance for book arts workshops, no refund can be made for students who are unable to attend a workshop for which they have been scheduled.

8. Workshops can be modified to address specific needs of the group.

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