Painting for Printmakers

Weekend Workshop

10 a.m. - 5 p.m. each day

Tuition: $160
Materials Fee: $25


Mallard, Acrylic on paper


This fun and informative workshop combines painting and printmaking methods using acrylic paint on prepared and unprepared papers. We begin by cutting original stamps from easy-cut print blocks, then add a wide variety of stencils, unusual texture materials, and a bit of collage. The resulting images are vibrant with texture and pattern, layering subtle changes in color. Whether you are collecting tools for enlivening your own painting later or creating new work "on the spot," the techniques in this workshop will inspire you to think about painting in new ways. Previous painting or printmaking experience is not necessary, just curiosity and willingness to experiment and play. Enrollment is limited to 4 students.

$25 materials fee covers all materials.

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