More Concertina Madness

Table of Contents

  1. The cover designed to fall apart
  2. Decorative cover strap
  3. Reversible accordion
  4. Portable museum
  5. Tricorder
  6. Vade mecum
  7. Tunnel book with three variations

$15 plus $3 postage and handling

More Concertina Madness contains instructions for nine new projects with numerous various, including three versions of tunnel books. Clear, step-by-step instructions are accompanied by easily understood illustrations.

It was produced on an iMac computer using QuarkXpress and Adobe Illustrator. A clean copy was printed at high resolution from an Epson 1160 Color Stylus printer and then taken to Kinko's for duplication onto Hammermill text stock (11x17" cut to 11x8-1/2" so that grain direction parallels the spine). Covers are Fabriano "Inca Red," individually folded and window cut; the text block is handsewn with waxed linen thread. Depending on availability, Canson Mi Tientes may be substituted for the Fabriano covers.
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