All Christmas stories are $5 per copy.

Christmas stories are
4-1/4x5-1/2" in size and fit into a standard A2 envelope for mailing. Christmas stories prior
to 1998 are out of print.


Songs, 2004

Four brief poems, "Water,Grasses, Trees, Sky," dedicated to those who find inspiration and solace in the natural world.

In the Spirit, 2003

Marcie is exercising her "bah, humbug" options this season.

"Tree lights blink on and off hysterically in counterpoint to music so loud it assaults her ears. Offstage carolers, no longer muter or ethereal, blare out 'Sleigh Ride' to the irritating accompaniment of what must be a thousand fake sleigh bells."

Home Before Dark, 2002 OUT OF PRINT

A plea for peace in troubled times.

"It is snowing. Against the hip of a mountain, snow falls... Snow lines the boughs of trees, settles silently along roof slants and windowsills and porch railings..."

Elves: A Cautionary Tale, 2001

Chloe, the mother of two young children, receives a Christmas present of two elves from her Aunt Henri.

"Seated on the sofa, a book in her lap, with Emily nestled up against her side and Jane tucked into the crook of her arm, is a rotund, red-cheeked elf of indeterminate age with small pointed ears..."

The Secret, 2000 OUT OF PRINT

The magical story of Sadie, her unusual friend, Agnes, and the secret of Christmas.

"Many a mother has watched her Jimmy or Ruby or Eleanor lean against Agnes's solid shoulder to whisper in her ear. The littlest ones, like Sadie, stand on tiptoe to secure this private audience, made even more difficult in winter by the great fur hat Agnes wears..."

Lullaby, 1999 OUT OF PRINT

Wherein the ghost of a great grandmother comes visiting after the birth of a child.

"The woman is small, about five feet tall, a little plump, her long hair swept up onto the crown of her head. She wears a brown gabardine suit, open toed shoes with very high heels, and a small hat with a tiny veil..."


Of Calla Lily and her inexplicable gardening addiction.

"...this year, in mid-August, I think it was, I dreamed about my garden just as it was—overgrown, overcrowed and smothered with weeds..." 
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